Video of 2011

The funniest political video of 2011 goes to Herman Cain's campaign ad! Back before Cain's history of sexual harassment and extramarital affairs caused him to drop out of the presidential race, he was my favorite candidate to laugh at. This campaign video may have been my absolute favorite Herman Cain moment, though there were many.

I can't embed it, so you can just watch the video here.

The awkward dialogue, the dramatic drag on a cigarette, the cheesy music, the CREEPY 8 SECOND SMILE. It's no wonder this video was parodied by pretty much every comedy show and person with a camera in existence. Here are some of the best (IMO).

Start at 1:19 for the Letterman parody:

And the Dramatic Chipmunk treatment:


The runner-up for the most lulzy political video of 2011 also comes from a GOP presidential candidate. Rick Perry's Strong campaign video is so horrible that, within days of its release, it racked up the most Youtube dislikes EVER. It even beat out Rebecca Black's Friday - as of this writing, Strong has over twice as many dislikes.

Like most of the funniest things in politics, this is a case of someone saying stupid things completely seriously. It actually warms my heart to see how hated this video is. It reminds me that, as scarily common as the douchebaggery Perry espouses is in the U.S., that douchebaggery really is overwhelmed by decent people. On Youtube, at least.

It's only 30 seconds long but I can't be bothered to write you a transcript, so here's how I remember it off the top of my head:

"I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a bigoted cockface. As a powerful, rich, Christian, white, cis, straight man in the United States, I feel oppressed and scared that people who are different than me exist. Can we please just have a theocracy already? I'm Rick Perry, and I am a gigantic cuntwaffle."

Ah, Rick. Stay classy.


  1. lold hard at your transcript
    state + religion... why can't we leave the medieval ages behind, huh?

  2. Stay classy Santiago! But seriously nice post. Please post more like this in the future!

  3. haha cigarettes and spaghetti are just what America needs.

  4. Hermain Cain/Comedy Central gave me a lot of laughs.

  5. Fun fact- That jacket Rick Perry is wearing? It's identical to the one worn by one of the characters in Brokeback Mountain.

  6. I hadn't seen the first one before. So awful :)

  7. I love the Mike Tyson parody of the Cain commercial, gets me every time :P

  8. @Vulcan, I wish!

    @BragonDorn, no worries, there will be.

    @Pat, I know! I think we could use some more guns too.

    @Dylanthulhu, that is probably the best thing I've heard all day. =D