Captions of 2011

This one's recent. I tried to come up with my favorite political, meme-style captioned images of the year. I settled on The Final Words of Dear Leader, a collection of (fake) last words of Kim Jong Il, North (Best) Korea's late ruler.

News broke of Kim Jong Il's death just this month. The man was equal parts evil and crazy; he'd kill your family while establishing a plan to breed giant rabbits for food. He had a heroic mythology created for himself: he supposedly controlled the weather, did not poop, and was born under a double rainbow (all the way). His reported cause of death was that he was so busy working for the people of North Korea that he died of overwork.

So the tumblr The Final Words of Dear Leader made an image of Kim Jong Il floating up to heaven on a rainbow, and captioned it with funniness. The captions reflect things like food shortages in North Korea, Kim's supposed superpowers, and other madness. Here are a few - they are best read in a mysterious, ghostly voice:

"I invented dying."

"Cancel tomorrow's brunch with the shape-shifting reptilian humanoids."

"Manufacture Typewriters with a comic sans font to revive the economy."


  1. KIM, NO.
    NOT COMIC SA--I mean the reptiles, not the reptiles.

  2. This is why I like best Korea.

  3. Hmm... comic sans typewriters huh?
    No. Comic Sans is evil... much like Kim Jong Il lol

  4. I wonder what his son would think of these. :P

  5. That's pretty funny man, your description of the guy is pretty spot on.

  6. He doesn't poop AND he was born under a double rainbow?

    He really was God.

  7. haha love the description

  8. I invented dying, Brilliant.