2011 Best Bod Award

The winner of the Best Bod in politics for 2011 would also win the Best Pun category: Weiner's Weiner.

That's right, folks! Politicians (who aren't Vladimir Putin) tend to keep their clothes on. But suits were a bit too stuffy for Anthony Weiner, Democratic Representative from New York.

It all starts off with this bulge photo tweeted to a female student from Weiner's Twitter account:

It doesn't look like anything to be ashamed of, but for some reason, Weiner denies all responsibility. That could be anybody! My account was hacked! But thanks to all the publicity, more photos came to light. And more. And more. Turns out that snapping lewd photos and spreading them around was a regular thing for the guy. Here are eleven pictures Weiner took of himself at the Congressional gym. Then there's this one he sent to another woman:

Want to see more? Apparently Anthony Weiner assumes everyone always wants to see more. So inevitably, the cock shot surfaces. Weiner's weiner. In the flesh. Since the photo is obviously horrifically NSFW, I'll just point you to the picture of Anthony Weiner's dick over at Gawker.

After some struggle, Weiner finally agreed to resign. Of course, harassing women with unsolicited nudes isn't a laughing matter, but the jokes that came out of this scandal along with Weiner's rockin' bod were enough to make this story ...rise... to the top of my list for hilarious 2011 moments in politics.


  1. The best part is that he took the pictures with a crappy cellphone camera and seems to take himself seriously the whole way.

    Also, Putin and the dolphins is just precious.

  2. I remember that photo! It spread like wildfire all over the net..


  3. I'll skip looking at the pic of his dick!

  4. @the Rambler
    That's the best part! It reminds me of scrawny highschool boys flexing carefully in the mirror and posting on Facebook like it makes them the Baddest Dudes Ever.

    The dolphins have got to be my favorite set of Putin pics. Hopefully I'll be able to fit one into a future post. =D

    The internet is great, isn't it?

    That's fair enough. You're missing out though! ;)

  5. Yea this was pretty hilarious, I don't understand how he could deny it. He must have realized that if one picture gets out, the rest of them will do too.

  6. Neat blog following :)

  7. I think I'll stay with hayley williams' "hacked account" pics, thanks ;D

  8. I just like saying the name Putin. it's like poo poo, but funnier. And Weiner, what an arsemonkey. It would have been great if Clinton had a cell phone though wouldn't it?

  9. @Vulcan, you've gotta bear with me here, there aren't enough ladies in politics. =D They'll jet their chance.

    Lol @Anne. I'm so happy that we're having a political discussion about poo and weiners. Serious business!